SWOP normally keeps it’s donor list private. We sincerely appreciate and respect all of our private donors who choose to remain anonymous.

Some groups and organizations are proud of their support. In honor of their willingness to support us publicly, we want to recognize them.

Our work would not be possible without generous contributions from the
following organizations:

*Major Donors (+50,000 Aggregate)*

   - Craigslist Charitable Fund

*Benefactors (5,000-10,000 Aggregate)*

   - EROS Guide

*Sustaining Members (2,500-5,000 Aggregate):*

   - Tides Foundation 
   - Slixa

*Sponsors (1,000-2499 Aggregate):*

   - Ben & Jerry's Foundation

If you would like to publicly support of our organization, we are happy to add your link to our donor page!