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International Sex Worker Rights Day March 3rd

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December 17th International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

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Nothing Scarier Than A Black Trans Woman With A Degree: An Interview With Monica Jones
about 10 hours ago | @swopusa



February Meeting 2/26 - Meeting Announcement! Our next meeting is this Thursday, February 26th, 6-8pm at...
about 5 days ago | @swopbay


Our trans/GNC sex worker support group in conjunction with Chicago House's Trans Life Center is in its fourth...
about 4 days ago | @swopchicago


RT @Bernice_Fischer: If you're struggling, that means you're actually progressing.
about 4 months ago | @SWOPTampaArea


@iamcuriousblue Yes, & her "probably unwittingly" part is exactly the type of difference I meant. That could be used as a teaching moment.
about 20 hours ago | @swoplasvegas