Seeking new board members!

We invite anyone who shares our goal of fighting intersectional oppressions individuals involved in the sex trade face and who would like to help build one of the most important national groups working for human rights to apply to join the board of directors.

As a board member, you are expected to attend a vision and planning retreat in early 2015, participate in a conference call once per month to discuss policy issues, campaigns and how to support SWOP chapters all across the country as well as additional tasks as needed by the board and SWOP National. Individual board members contribute to SWOP in different ways: through fundraising, through expertise and insight, through connections and fostering strategic alliances, and through volunteer work. These diverse types of contributions are all valued and crucial to our organization.

All participation is on a volunteer basis. Need-based funding for travel and lodging is available for board retreats, meetings, and some conferences. Income should not serve as a deterrent for participating in SWOP leadership.

The selection criteria are included below. Please send a brief statement of interest—a description of who you are, your work, the communities and organizations you have worked with as well as two references* to You may also send a resume if you would like.

Sex Workers Outreach Project-USA is a national social justice network dedicated to the fundamental human rights of sex workers and their communities, focusing on ending violence and stigma through education and advocacy. More information can be found at

Please note, if you have applied for another position with SWOP and are also interested in serving on the board, you cannot hold both positions at one time. Board members cannot be paid in any capacity by SWOP. Therefore, please let us know if you would like to withdraw another application. And if you have questions, contact or the



Qualifications for a Board member:

1) A commitment to social justice, implementing our AR/AO framework, and supporting SWOP towards becoming an organization that centers the most marginalized indviduals of our communities and focuses not just on decriminalization but on intersectional issues individuals involved in the sex trade face. This is demonstrated by:

a) A willingness to support and self-educate around anti-oppression and related issues such as reproductive justice, intersectionality, immigration, economic justice, civil rights, and LGBTQI rights; and

b) A dedication to identifying and implementing strategies that encourage the participation of and transfer decision-making power and leadership to the most impacted members of our community.

2) A commitment to decriminalization of sex works in all forms.

3) A commitment to supporting our allies and working with them to attack the broader policing and criminalization of our communities, including people of color, immigrants, drug users, indigenous women, and low-income women.

4) A working relationship and knowledge of the Sex Industry, and the culture of Sex Exchange (we use this language here to include people who may not or are not able to personally identify as a “sex worker” but who clearly understand the terrain.)

The Priority Deadline is November 25, 2014. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

*References are ideally someone with whom you have done community organizing, campaign planning, and non-profit, reproductive justice or social justice work with previously.

December 17th National Coordinator Paid Internship Opportunity

The Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP-USA) seeks an intern, to start immediately, to coordinate this year’s December 17th events. SWOP-USA is a national social justice network dedicated to the fundamental human rights of sex workers and their communities, focusing on ending violence and stigma through education and advocacy. Visit to learn more.

The International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, commonly referred to as December 17th, was created to call attention to crimes committed against sex workers all over the globe. The first December 17th served as a memorial and vigil for the victims of the Green River Killer in Seattle Washington. Since then, December 17th has become a day that brings sex work communities together worldwide to organize against discrimination, remember victims of violence, and to reassert our presence and value. During the week of December 17th, sex worker rights organizations and their allies stage actions and vigils to raise awareness about violence that is commonly committed against sex workers.

This year, SWOP-USA seeks an intern to serve as the December 17th National Coordinator.  Duties will include:

  • Create the December 17th Memorial List. Every year, SWOP-USA curates the list of all the sex workers who lost their lives to violence (personal and societal) over the previous year. The intern will communicate with state SWOP Chapters and partner organizations to gather the names and stories of those we have lost, and organize them into a list for public distribution.
  • Promote the December 17th Indiegogo Fundraiser to support events in twenty cities around the United States on social media (through the SWOP-USA page) and other outreach.
  • Communicate with State SWOP Chapters and partner organizations to determine their funding needs, support event planning, and provide resources as needed.
  • Add December 17th Events to the website (, confirm that the information posted is accurate, and generate and send press releases to local media outlets about upcoming December 17th events.
  • Track December 17-related expenses, including maintaining expense spreadsheet and gathering receipts from Chapters (both before and after the event).
  • Reach out to other Global Network of Sex Worker Project (NSWP) members and allied organizations to gather information about international events and gather names for our memorial list.
  • Following December 17th, collect flyers, photograph, articles, and other artifacts to add to the website and to post on SWOP-USA’s social media networks.
  • Send thank you to donors and supporters of December 17th events.

The Internship will start immediately and run through the end of January. Anticipated hours will be approximately 10-20 hours/week during December 1-17th. Fewer hours (including time off for holidays) are expected before and after.

The intern will receive a stipend, dependent upon fundraising success. Interns will receive half of their stipend after December 17th and the other half upon the completion of the internship (January 31st).  To be eligible for the stipend, all duties must be completed.

Preference will be given to current or former sex workers. Additionally, an ideal candidate will be organized, excel at communication, demonstrate superior writing skills, ability to multitask, and is comfortable with all types of social media. Web site experience and experience with basic HTML coding in WordPress is a plus but not a requirement. Ideally, the candidate will be located in Washington, DC, but telework will be considered.

Interested applicants should send your resume and a cover letter covering your interest in the position and highlighting your qualifications. Applicants working to telework should also include an organizational plan detailing your organizational style and preferred tools, your availability for weekly calls or GChat sessions, and a plan for when (during a typical week) you will be conducting this work.

Please submit all application materials to Katie Hail-Jares ( All submissions must be electronic. Materials submitted by November 14th will be fully considered. We plan to contact top applicants by Monday, November 17th.

November Newsletter!

We have a newsletter out for November!! Check it out here:

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December 17th and our new website.

Hi Everyone!

Thank you all for your patience while we work out our evil bad people trying to break into our website! We hope we have everything worked out now, and we have a shiny new wordpress running our site! We have a redesign of our site coming soon, so please be patient with us while we get our new look and feel worked out (hopefully at the beginning of the new year!). In the meantime, remember December 17th is our next big event, and it’s coming up soon! Check out the December 17th website here!

Recursos para sobrevivientes de violación y acoso sexual

Sexo seguro

Si actualmente eres o en el pasado has sido victima de hostigamiento o abuso como resultado de una entrada de blog de Craigs List o de conocer alguien a través de la lista, por favor contacta SWOP-USA at (877) PRO-2004.

También, pasa por DangerZone411.

Sin embargo, si crees que estás en peligro inmediato, contacta un agente local del orden público ahora misma.


St. James Infirmary

Oakland PD Special Victims Unit

San Francisco PD Sexual Assault Resource page

Sabe tus derechos

Sé inteligente, evita violar la ley y, ¡sabe tus derechos!

¿Qué es la definición de prostitución en California? Prostitución se define como el intercambio de un “acto lascivo” por dinero u otra cosa de valor. Esto no significa que realmente tuviste relaciones sexuales. Conducta lasciva se describe como contacto físico entre dos personas en que una persona toca los genitales, nalgas, o senos de otra persona, con el propósito de tener gratificación sexual. Pegarle a alguien con una pala plana se considera contacto físico bajo la ley, aunque ningún parto del cuerpo toca otro. Si el acto de pegarle a alguien en las nalgas (por plata o por otra cosa valerosa) se hace a propósito a dar placer sexual, entonces un acto de prostitución se ha cometido. Generalmente, estos crímenes se cargan bajo el código penal de California sección 647(b).

Si fueras acusada de prostitución, el acusador/a tendría que probar que fueras culpable en una de las siguientes tres maneras:

  1. Estabas ocupada en un acto de prostitución; o
  2. Decidiste involucrarte en un acto de prostitución, invitaste a alguien hacerlo contigo y hizo un acto de fomento; o
  3. Alguien te pidió perpetrar un acto de prostitución, te pusiste de acuerdo a hacerlo y te involucraste en un acto de fomento.

Un acto de fomento es una acción que avance el proceso de ocuparse en la prostitución. Algunos ejemplos son:

  1. Quitarte la ropa,
  2. Sacar un condón,
  3. Intercambiar dinero,
  4. Subir a un auto después de aceptar la oferta de un individuo ocuparse en un acto de prostitución1

Simplemente hablar con alguien no es un acto de fomento.

Haraganear con el intento solicitar prostitución se llama “Flagging”, o sea un tipo de marcar. Es ilegal haraganear en un lugar público con el intento de cometer prostitución.  El intento se evidencia por actuar de manera y en circunstancia lo cual demuestra de plena manera el propósito de persuadir o solicitar prostitución, o conseguir que otra cometa prostitución.

Entre las circunstancias que se pueden considerar en establecer si o no una persona haraganea con intento de cometer prostitución son que dicha persona:

  1. Repetidamente llama por señas, para, engancha en conversación o intenta a llamarle por señas o engancharle en conversación a un transeúnte, que indica solicitación de prostitución.
  2. Repetidamente para o trata de parar autos por hacerle señas al conductor, agitar los brazos o hacer cualquier otra seña física, o intenta a engancharles al conductor o los/as pasajeros/as en conversación, que indicia pedido de prostitución.

Estos crímenes se cargan bajo el código penal de California sección 653.22.

“Entrapment” (instigación a un delito por parte de la policía)- hay un pensamiento común e incorrecto que un agente del orden público tiene que identificarse si se le pregunta “¿Eres policía?”  La ley se permite a la policía mentir acerca de su identidad como policía. Se puede tomar drogas. Se puede quitarse la ropa. “Entrapment” es  casi imposible probar en corte.

No tienes que hablar con la policía, el FBI, INS o cualquier otro agente del orden público o investigador. No te puede detener por negar identificarte en la calle, aunque puede ser que hacer esto le hace sospechosa la policía y igual la policía y otros agentes no siempre siguen la ley. Si estás manejando, tienes que mostrar tu carnet de conducir y formulario de matrícula. Si no, no tienes que hablar con nadie: en la calle, en casa o en tu oficina, si ya te han detenido, o aun si estás en la cárcel. Sólo un juez tiene la autoridad ordenarte a contestar preguntas.

¡No hay una mala situación que no puedes empeorar por hablar con la policía! Si te detiene o no, no contestes preguntas cuando la policía te interroga. De manera educada, dile, “Me voy a guardar silencio. Quiero un/a abogado/a.” Muchas personas invocan sus “Miranda Rights” y continúan hablar. Esto es muy mala idea. Cualquier cosa que dices a la policía usará contra ti misma o tus amigos/as.

¿Qué pasa si no soy ciudadana? No-ciudadanas ya dentro de los Estados Unidos tienen derechos dados por la Constitución. Afirma tus derechos. Si no exiges tus derechos o si firmas papeles a renunciar tus derechos, te pueden deportar antes de que hables con un/a abogado/a o un/a juez/a de inmigración.  Crímenes de inmoralidad son motivos por deportación. Esto incluye actos de prostitución y el dar información falsa (mentir) a la policía. Mejor no decir nada que dar un nombre falso. Tienes derecho guardar silencio bajo el Quinto Enmienda a la Constitución de los Estados Unidos (Miranda Rights). Tienes derecho consultar con un/a abogado/a. En procedimientos judiciales de inmigración tienes derecho a los servicios de un/a abogado/a designado por el gobierno.

La información arriba fue compilado de publicaciones creado por 1) Katya Komisaruk, Just Cause Law Collective, 2) National Lawyer’s Guild, 3) American Civil Liberties Union and 4) el Código Penal de California. Es una visión general básica y ni cerca de completa.  Toda persona interesada debe hacer fuerza obtener información más completa. Visita , por recursos adicionales.

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